LAMP to be integrated into Jisc’s Learner and Business Analytics R&D activities

Until now, the LAMP project has run in parallel with related activities such as the joint Jisc/HESA/HESPA Business Intelligence and Effective Learner Analytics initiatives.   We are pleased to announce that LAMP will now move forward as an integral part of the overarching learning analytics R&D efforts of Jisc. Specifically, the LAMP project objectives will be combined with those of the Learning Analytics challenge, which is developing a basic student attainment and retention dashboard for all universities and colleges, developing support around navigating the ethics of using analytics about students and providing guidance to help people engage with using learning analytics. A key component of this dashboard will be concerned with the use cases identified by LAMP, and particularly the ability to view library resource usage by subject, course, social demographics and level of student attainment.

This integration with wider analytics efforts requires a more robust and scaleable approach to technical development, and Jisc has started an EU procurement exercise to identify a number of technology providers who can work with us to develop the dashboard. This procurement will also include effort to help identify universities and colleges who are in a good position to act as early adopters for the dashboard, and among these will be institutions that have already contributed to the LAMP project.

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